The Man Who Called the President “a Donkey”


In 2007 I was asked to overdub Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez for Barbara Walters’ Ten Most Fascinating People special. It was the first time my voice was going to be heard on national television, and also the first in which I didn’t have to worry about my accent. I exaggerated it and nailed it in one take.


Putting the Lawyer Suit Back On

[Pura Política, June 29, 2012]

Once upon a time, I was a lawyer. Between 2000 and when I became a journalist in 2005, to be precise. I don’t miss working at a law firm, but I’ll never stop loving and thinking about the law as I did when I was a law professor. And every once in a while, my friend and colleague Juan Manuel Benítez invites me to his show, Pura Política, to talk about the law, like he did last week after the SCOTUS decisions.