Álvaro Enrigue and the Problem of Literality

alvaro enrigue

The Dalkey Archive Press recently published The Best of Contemporary Mexican Fiction, a stunning bilingual collection of 16 short stories by writers born after 1945. Álvaro Enrigue contributed with “On the Death of the Author,” which begins as an anecdote —a writer trying to tell the story of the last pure American Indian—, and seems to encapsulate the world.  The heart of the issue and one of the most basic questions in literature: how to escape from literality to create art.

Read the story in English or in Spanish.

Watch the video.


4 thoughts on “Álvaro Enrigue and the Problem of Literality

  1. Hi. I had watched this interview a few days ago, and now that I looked for it again, it seems that something’s gone wrong. The video stops just a few seconds after it starts. I’d really love to watch it again. Do you think there is any way the problem can get fixed? Or is there any other website where I can watch it, other than NY1noticias?

    1. Diana,
      It seems to be a problem with the server, not with the clip itself. I’ll see what is going on. If you can’t see it later today, let me know.


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