The Decade in Bob Dylan

The last article of the decade goes to the great 10 years that Dylan started with “Things Have Changed.”

Plus: What can make a Dylan nerd happy at the end of a tough year? Having his article on Expecting Rain.

3 thoughts on “The Decade in Bob Dylan

  1. Nice article.

    You may like to know that the “statuette” was placed on stage by some fans at the Darwin concert, which was shortly after the awards ceremony. It became a regular stage fixture after that. Not sure if it was ever replaced by the real thing, though.


    1. Shane,
      Many thanks for your comment.
      This is the first time I hear of that “Darwin concert” incident. Do you have a link? Where did this happen? (I looked for a “Darwin” reference, but couldn’t find anything.)

      1. I don’t have a link, I just know the people involved. On that particular tour three of them went to every Australian show, always making their way up to the stage at the first opportunity. Serious fans!!!! IIRC one of them placed the statuette on the stage in front of Bob during the show at the Darwin Entertainment Centre. I think Cesar may have pointed it out to Bob at some stage during the show. Anyway, at the end of the show one of the roadies came over and picked it up. At the next show, which was in Townsville I think, the statuette reappeared atop one of the amps. They were gobsmacked. And so it goes on….


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