Buika: Sad Songs Are “Weapons of Mass Construction”

During this interview with Spanish singer Buika, I asked her a question I had always wanted to make to an artist able to convey the pain her music sometimes brings: if she carried that feeling with her all the time, and if she had to experience those feelings before expressing them. That was the beginning of a surprising conversation on the connection between art and pain.


Patricia Engel

Patricia Engel’s Vida —a collection of stories linked by its character and narrator, Sabina— is an impressive literary debut. In this appearance in Contraportada (Engel’s first television interview), the author talked about developing a feminine voice and writing as a second generation immigrant.

[Watch here]

The Tectonic Plates of Hispanic New York

Columbia professor Claudio Iván Remeseira recently published Hispanic New York, an impressive anthology of academic papers that try to define what it means to be Latino in New York City (a place formed by the “tectonic plates” of different Latino communities), and the role the city has had for Hispanic culture everywhere. In this interview for Contraportada, he asserts that New York is nothing less than the capital of the Hispanic world. [Watch]

Jorge Ramos and the Promise of America

Univisión’s anchor and reporter Jorge Ramos came to Contraportada to talk about his book A Country for All (Tierra de todos). In this extended version of the interview, Ramos explains how he balances his role as activist for immigration reform with being a fair and neutral anchor; why he thinks that the Declaration of Independence contains a promise to undocumented immigrants; how the illegal immigration flux can be stopped by investing in Latin America; and, finally, why he doesn’t rule out a political career. [Watch]