Meet the Prensa #1

meete the prensa 1

Starting this week, I will be writing a column on Hispanic media for Mediaite entitled Meet the Prensa.

In the first installment, I ask a question that has haunted me ever since I became a journalist: Why is there no Hispanic national media outlet—one that serves as standard of the highest writing and content—such as the The New Yorker?

[Read it here. For more on the design and content of Mediaite, visit Fimoculous.]

One thought on “Meet the Prensa #1

  1. A los canales en espanol les falta mas creatividad, me aburren las novelas repetidas de mexico que pasan por univision, ademas que repiten los programas como 6 ocaciones.
    Azteca America no tiene nada interesante… telemundo esta peor de aburrida que univision.
    por eso mejor veo canales en ingles.

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